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Wealth Management Price and Discount Data

Price and Discount Data

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We use actual data, filtering accounts and calculating standard (list price) and discounts the same way for each participant, so you can be assured of an apples-to-apples comparison.

We compare actual fees and list prices for managed Personal Trust, Investment Management and IRA across 6 different relationship size groups. We measure how prices and negotiated fees have changed over time, as well as other statistics that impact your business such as changes in the mix of rev vs. irrev trust business.

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Immediate benefits:

  • Shows your prices and discounts versus peers
  • Ranks prices and discounts by account type and relationship size
  • Profiles range of discounting by size
  • Measures changes in prices and discounts over time (price compression?)
  • Informs pricing proposals and annual client reviews
  • Targets repricing opportunities by product or relationship
  • Advises new client campaigns

Data Security

No PII (personally identifiable information) is needed. Additionally, Quantifacts routinely receives and processes data and fee schedules for the largest banks in the nation. We have ongoing controls in place to protect data for all clients.


Participants will not be identifiable to other participants:

  • We do not show rates, tiers, or other details from published rates
  • Other banks are shown as Bank 1, Bank 2, etc.
  • Comparisons are in basis points and percentages
  • We do not show totals for fees or market values for participants
  • Each bank is weighted equally regardless of size (but you are compared to banks within your size peer group)