About QuantiFacts

From its headquarters in The Ocean State, QuantiFacts provides leading business intelligence software and
services to the largest Bank and Trust companies in the country.

Management Team

The management team at QuantiFacts has decades of experience implementing technology solutions for
Wealth Management organizations.

Data Handling and Security

Protecting client data is our number one priority and QuantiFacts maintains SOC 2 Type 2 certification. Over the years we have developed technology such as our Data Masker and continue to enhance our infrastructure and policies to keep up with evolving threats as we continue to work with the largest banks in the country.

Data Masker, No PII Required:

When the right solution is to install QuantiFacts software within your organization, we can do all set-up and customization without receiving any PII (Personally Identifiable Information). We provide you with our Data Masking application to “mask” all files before sending to us.

How It Works:

With the file schema and a mapping of which fields to “mask” and which to “clean”, the Data Masker creates an identical copy of each of the input files but without the PII. Account numbers (often a key field) are replaced with completely different numbers (default is numbered from 1 up or you can create the mapping), and importantly these new numbers are identical throughout all of the files so the relationships are maintained for our testing. You possess a single mapping spreadsheet of real account number (yours) to masked number (ours) to keeps track of this, so if we have questions about an account during set-up or send a masked balancing report, only you can decode it.

Use our Data Masker for all your other vendor integrations as well. We think you’ll love it.

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Climate Action

QuantiFacts believes all companies need to act to combat global warming and reduce global emissions. We are
working to measure, reduce, and offset our company’s emissions and have committed to achieving net zero
emissions by the end of 2030.

  • QuantiFacts is developing a plan to measure and reduce or offset company emissions with a goal of net zero emissions by the end of 2030