Quantifacts – Chris Nichols President and CEO starting January 1, 2021.


We are pleased to announce that Christopher G. Nichols will head Quantifacts as President and CEO starting January 1, 2021. Jack Nichols will continue as a senior advisor and board member. Quantifacts was founded in 1980 and offers a line of software products and services for the Wealth Management Industry. Clients hold about half of the trust accounts in the U.S. They rely on Quantifacts to optimize prices, reduce discounts, forecast revenues, explain revenue change, pay incentives, correct financial reports, and manage profit/loss by customer.

Chris Nichols graduated from Dartmouth College in 1995 and has worked at Quantifacts for 25 of its 40 years. He designed the Q4 Wealth Management System which reports from client portfolios, bank general ledger, competitor prices, and “what if” assumptions to provide comprehensive business management reporting. He also recently designed Quantifacts’ “Deal Manager”, a browser application to let the financial advisor see deals, manage discounts, and model “what if” changes to price and service levels.

Chris has provided models and price optimization analysis for many of the largest wealth management mergers in the industry. He continues to provide analysis for Quantifacts’ largest clients. More information is available at www.quantifacts.com.

Jack Nichols, President | 401-421-8300
Scott Schaefer, Director of Sales | 678-234-0474
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Quantifacts was founded in 1980. Clients have 49% of the trust accounts in the U.S. They trust Quantifacts to design, model, and optimize new prices; reduce discounts; explain revenue change; and manage profit/loss by customer. www.quantifacts.com